Listen Radio Monumental Online, El Salvador’s Voice for Generations!

Radio Monumental is one of the most popular and influential radio stations in El Salvador. It broadcasts on the frequency 101.3 FM. A trusted source of music, news, and a platform for diverse voices.


It offers a variety of programs for its listeners, such as music, news, sports, entertainment, and talk shows. It plays the latest hits of El-Salvadorian most popular music genres. Its programming caters to a wide range of interests. Also, news fans can tune in for hourly updates. In-depth analysis, and insightful commentary on current affairs. Music lovers can enjoy songs from traditional El-Salvadoran music to international hits. Furthermore, there are programs on sports, culture, health, and even agriculture too.


The success of Radio Monumental can be attributed in part to its charismatic and talented presenters. Their ability to connect with the audience has played a pivotal role in making Radio Monumental a go-to source for news and entertainment.

In the dynamic world of media, Radio Monumental stands tall as a testament to the enduring power of radio. Radio Monumental’s vision is to be “the voice of El Salvador,” informing, educating, and entertaining its listeners. Its popularity is a testament to its commitment to quality programming and its deep connection with the Salvadoran people.


Radio Monumental
Radio Monumental
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