Listen to Radio Mix El Salvador Online, Vibrant Beats and Salvadoran Spirit!

Radio Mix El Salvador is for sure one of the most popular and prominent radio station from El-Salvador. It offers a wide variety of programs on music and entertainment. The station focuses on providing its listeners with a mix of musical genres, including pop, rock, reggaeton, and local music. Radio Mix also features mixes from the best DJs 24 hours a day.


Radio Mix El Salvador was founded by a group of young music enthusiasts who wanted to create a radio station that would appeal to listeners of various age group. They started broadcasting online from Santa Tecla, a city in the central region of El Salvador. Since then, gradually it has become one of the most listened radio station in the country. Reaching millions of radio listeners across the country.


Rejecting the rigid formats of traditional radio, Radio Mix embraced a dynamic mix of genres, from reggaeton and pop to rock and traditional cumbia. This represents the diverse tastes of its young audience. Music remains the heart of Radio Mix, But, it’s also a radio that airs news, discussion and other shows that might attract its targeted listeners group. It has a diverse and dynamic programming that covers different topics and interests. Plays the latest hits and trends in music, featuring the best of reggaeton, merengue, cumbia, and bachata.

The vision of Radio Mix El Salvador is to be the leading radio station in El Salvador by offering quality programs that satisfies the needs and preferences of its listeners. The mission of the radio is to entertain, inform its listeners.

Radio Mix is not just a radio station; it’s a symbol of Salvadoran spirit. It’s the soundtrack to countless car rides, family gatherings, and late-night talks.



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Radio Mix El Salvador