Niu FM is a New Zealand radio station that primarily serves Pacific Islander and Mori communities. It is part of the Pacific Media Network and is known for its mix of talk and pop music programs that cater to the tastes and interests of its target audience. The station is known for its diverse programming, which includes a mix of talk shows and pop music programs. Niu FM’s mission is to serve as a platform that reflects and celebrates the Pacific Islander community’s culture, language, and interests in New Zealand.

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Niu FM Programs

This radio station broadcasts talk shows on a variety of topics relevant to the Pacific Islander and Mori communities. Discussions on cultural issues, community events, lifestyle, and current events are among them.

It also includes a variety of popular music in its programming. The music on the playlist includes Pacific Islander and Mori music, as well as international pop hits. The station’s goal is to provide a vibrant and dynamic musical experience that appeals to its diverse audience.

Given its focus on Pacific Islander and Mori communities, the station’s programming is likely to include cultural content. It is most likely involved in community outreach initiatives. This could include promoting local events, assisting community organizations, and providing a forum for members of the community to share their stories and experiences.

Niu FM Aim

It aims to give the Pacific Islander community in New Zealand a voice by providing content that reflects their cultural heritage. It also emphasizes informative and educational content that addresses issues important to the Pacific Islander community, such as health, education, and social issues.


Country: New Zealand

Genre: pop, talk

Language: English

Niu FM
Niu FM
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