Radio 531pi

Radio 531pi
New Zealand

Radio 531pi is well-known in New Zealand for its broad Pop music programming. It features a diverse spectrum of news information, with a strong emphasis on serving the community. Its primary mission is to serve New Zealand’s Pacific Islander and Mori populations. Its programming frequently incorporates music, talk shows, and information that resonates with these populations’ cultural identities and interests. It aims to meet the cultural, informational, and entertaining needs of New Zealand’s Pacific Island populations.

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Radio 531pi Programs

It compiles playlists of popular and contemporary pop music from a variety of performers and genres. This allows listeners to enjoy the most recent hits as well as vintage pop songs. It covers pop music concerts and events, providing live updates, interviews with attendees, and even live-streaming portions of the performances.

The station is committed to keeping its audience engaged and connected to its cultural roots, news, and events pertinent to New Zealand’s Pacific Islander and Mori communities. Aside from Pop music, this radio station frequently conducts educational programs, discussions, and interviews that address critical social and community concerns, keeping their audience informed.

It frequently dedicates airtime to local and upcoming artists, assisting them in gaining visibility in the New Zealand music landscape, especially Pop performers with cultural ties to the station’s audience.

Radio 531pi Aim

The station’s core mission extends beyond just playing popular Pop music. It is dedicated to preserving cultural identity, fostering community connections, providing educational content, and promoting indigenous languages while offering a diverse range of programming to its audience. Pop music is one of the tools they use to achieve these broader goals while remaining relevant and engaging to their target demographic.


Country: New Zealand

Genre: pop

Language: English

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