Mai FM is a New Zealand radio station known for its focus on hip-hop and soul music. It is a well-known radio station that specializes in urban contemporary music, specifically hip-hop and R&B. The station’s goal is to appeal to a diverse audience, particularly those interested in urban contemporary music genres. It seeks to foster a sense of community among listeners who share a love of hip-hop and soul music.

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Mai FM Programs

It focuses primarily on urban contemporary music genres, with a heavy emphasis on hip-hop and soul. It is well-known for its vibrant and dynamic hip-hop and soul programs that appeal to a wide range of listeners. The station usually plays a mix of popular songs, new artists, and classic hits from the hip-hop and soul genres.

Artist interviews, live performances, and discussions about the latest trends and releases in the hip-hop and soul music scenes are also featured on the station. Furthermore, this station interacts with its audience through various platforms, including social media, allowing listeners to interact, request songs, and stay up to date on station events and promotions.

Mai FM Aim

This radio station aims to represent and celebrate New Zealand’s cultural diversity. Hip-hop and soul music frequently have cultural and social significance, making them effective mediums for expressing the experiences and stories of various communities. It intends to engage with youth culture and provide content that is relevant to their interests and preferences.


Country: New Zealand Genre: hip-hop,soul
Genre: hip-hop,soulListen to live Mai FM online. Popular English radio station for hip-hop,soul genres in New Zealand.

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