Radio 531pi

Radio 531pi
New Zealand

Radio 531pi is a radio station based in Auckland, New Zealand. It primarily serves the Pacific Island community in New Zealand, providing a mix of popular music, news, and community-focused programming. The station plays an important role in catering to the diverse cultural backgrounds of the Pacific Islander population in the region. This increases inclusivity and ensures that a diverse audience can connect with the station.

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Radio 531pi Programs

The station typically broadcasts popular music, including genres popular among Pacific Islanders. This includes a wide range of styles, from contemporary pop to traditional Pacific Island music, providing listeners with a diverse range of entertainment.

In addition to music, this site frequently provides news updates and information about the Pacific Island community. This includes local news, community events, and discussions about topics that are important to the listeners’ lives. By encouraging audience participation, the station most likely fosters community engagement. Call-ins from listeners, interviews with community leaders, and coverage of local events and issues are all part of this.

Radio 531pi Aim

This radio station seeks to connect with and serve New Zealand’s Pacific Island community by providing content that reflects their cultural identity. Music, discussions, and interviews that reflect the values and experiences of the Pacific Islander community are included. The news content will most likely focus on issues and events of interest and importance to the Pacific Island community, both in New Zealand and around the world.


Country: New Zealand

Genre: pop, news

Language: English

Radio 531pi
Radio 531pi
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