Radio Tarana is a popular New Zealand radio station that caters to a diverse audience by offering a variety of programs. The station’s goal is to serve New Zealand’s multicultural community.  Here providing a variety of content such as pop music, news, talk shows, folk music, and Indian programs. It is known for its eclectic programming mix, which covers a wide range of genres and topics to appeal to a wide range of tastes and interests.

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Radio Tarana Programs

The station most likely plays a mix of popular music from various genres. It provides listeners with a variety of chart-toppers, hits, and contemporary tunes. There also be programs dedicated to folk music. These programs celebrate New Zealand’s rich cultural diversity and possibly explore folk traditions from around the world.

Here regularly provide news updates to keep its audience up to date on local and international events. This includes news segments covering a wide range of topics such as current events, politics, and local news. The station airs talk shows that cover a wide range of topics, including interviews with famous people, discussions about current events, and interactive segments that engage listeners.

The station places a strong emphasis on Indian programming. This could include a wide range of content, such as Bollywood music, cultural discussions, and programs in Indian subcontinental languages.

Radio Tarana Aim

The overarching goal of Radio Tarana is likely to be to create a platform that fosters cultural exchange, provides entertainment, and serves as a unifying force for New Zealand’s diverse population. By providing a diverse range of programming, the station hopes to appeal to people of diverse interests and backgrounds, thereby contributing to a sense of community and inclusivity.


Country: New Zealand

Genre: pop, news, talk, folk, Indian

Language: Hindi and English

Radio Tarana
Radio Tarana
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