One Station

One Station

One Station from France sounds like a platform with a vibrant aim: to offer a rich blend of hip-hop, soul, and funk music. Together, these genres create a rich tapestry of sound, reflecting the diversity and creativity of the French music scene. It’s not just about entertainment; it’s about culture, identity, and the universal language of music that brings people together, regardless of background or origin.

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Hip-hop, with its rhythmic poetry and urban vibe, forms the backbone of the station’s playlist. It’s the pulse that keeps the energy flowing. But it doesn’t stop there. Intertwined with the hip-hop tracks are soulful melodies that reach deep into the heart and stir emotions. Soul music brings its smoothness and passion, adding layers of depth to the listening experience.

And then, when you think you’ve got the groove down, funk kicks in with its funky basslines and lively rhythms. Funk injects that extra dose of funkiness, making you want to move and groove with its infectious beats. But it’s not just about rap; the station seamlessly transitions into the smooth melodies of soul, where voices soar and emotions run deep.

One Station Aim

It aims to not only entertain but also to inspire, connecting listeners through the universal language of music. Whether you’re chilling at home, cruising in your car, or hitting the streets, this station promises to be your ultimate destination for hip-hop, soul, and funk vibes. So whether you’re cruising through the streets of Paris or relaxing at home, tune in to this station for a musical journey like no other.


Country: France

Genre: hip-hop, soul, funk

Language: French

One Station