Radio Aurora: Armenia’s No.1 Visual Radio.

Radio Aurora, Armenia’s best radio station, broadcasting at 100.7 FM.  It is a visual radio station that combines audio and video content to create an engaging and interactive experience for the listeners. It’s the best radio for News And Music on the go.


Radio Aurora began broadcasting in 2012. It started as a project of the Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU). AGBU is a non-profit organization promoting Armenian culture, identity and heritage to the worldwide. The stations vision was to provide high-quality and diverse content for the Armenian listeners. Also, Its vision was to promote the culture, values and achievements of Armenia and its diaspora.

Radio Aurora broadcasts from Yerevan, the capital of Armenia. It operates from its modern studio located on Nairi Zaryan street. It has a big team of professional and talented journalists, presenters, producers and technicians. They work hard to deliver informative, entertaining and inspiring programs to the listeners.


Radio Aurora broadcasts a variety of programs. Its programs cover topics, such as music, news, entertainment, sports, politics, education, health, lifestyle and more. Some of the most popular programs are:

  • “Морской Бой” (Sea Battle): It’s a game show for listeners. The winners receive prizes like smartphones, tablets, laptops and more.
  • “Aurora News”: It’s a daily news program. Listeners gets the latest updates on local, regional and international events, as well as interviews with experts and guests.
  • “Aurora Music”: It’s a musical program plays the best hits from different genres and eras. Listeners can enjoy new song releases from Armenian and international artists.
  • “Aurora Talk”: A talk show on various social, cultural, political and economic issues that affect Armenia and its people.
  • “Aurora Sport”: Like its name, it’s a sports based program covering all sorts of major national and international sporting events.


The soul of Radio Aurora lies in its presenters. They brings each programs to life with their charismatic voices and engaging passion. Some of the most famous presenters are:

  • Sergey Tirakyan
  • Gayane Gukasyan
  • Lav Radio
  • Vadim Mantashyan

Radio Aurora has achieved several milestones since its launch in 2012.

  • It has become one of the most listened to radio stations in Armenia, reaching over 200,000 listeners per day.
  • The radio has won the best Radio Station Award from the Armenian Association of Journalists in 2014 and 2016.
  • Furthermore, it supports various social causes and initiatives, such as environmental protection, gender equality, youth empowerment, cultural diversity and more.
Radio Aurora