Radio YAN: The Voice of Armenia

Radio YAN is an Armenian web radio station that broadcasts songs and programs in Armenian language and culture. It is an independent and non-profit association based in France, with no ads or sponsors. Its motto is “Armenian melody with Mesropian letters”.


Radio YAN was founded in February 2011 by a group of young Armenians who were passionate about Armenian music and culture. They wanted to promote the authentic Armenian musical heritage and the national revolutionary spirit. They also wanted to support the cause of Ukraine, which was facing Russian aggression at the time.

Radio YAN started broadcasting online through its website and web applications, reaching listeners from all over the world. It soon gained popularity and recognition among the Armenian diaspora and the homeland. It also received support and appreciation from many famous Armenian singers, musicians, and artists.


Radio YAN offers a variety of programs that cater to different tastes and interests of its audience. Some of the programs are:

  • Patriotic: This program features patriotic songs that celebrate the history, heroes, and struggles of the Armenian nation. It also includes speeches, poems, and stories that inspire pride and courage.
  • Folk: This program showcases the rich and diverse folk music of Armenia, from ancient to modern times. It also introduces the listeners to the instruments, dances, and traditions of the folk genre.
  • Love: This program plays romantic songs that express the feelings and emotions of love. It also includes love stories, poems, and advice from experts and celebrities.
  • National: This program covers the current events and issues that affect Armenia and its people. It also provides information, analysis, and opinions from various sources and perspectives.
  • Regional: This program explores the regional music and culture of Armenia, from different provinces and villages. It also features interviews, reports, and documentaries about the local life and customs.
  • Manavand: This program is dedicated to the young generation of Armenians, who are the future of the nation. It plays modern and upbeat songs that appeal to the youth. It also discusses topics such as education, career, entertainment, sports, and social media.


Radio YAN has a team of talented and enthusiastic presenters who host the programs and interact with the listeners. Some of the presenters are:

  • Leyla Saribekyan: She is the founder and director of Radio YAN. She is also a singer, songwriter, and producer. She hosts the Patriotic program and sings her own songs on air.
  • Nune Yesayan: She is a famous Armenian pop singer who has won many awards and honors. She hosts the Love program and plays her popular hits on air.
  • Manuel Menenkichian: He is a young Armenian musician who plays various instruments such as guitar, piano, oud, duduk, and zurna. He hosts the Folk program and performs live on air.
  • Tata Simonyan: He is a legendary Armenian singer who has been active for over 30 years. He hosts the National program and shares his insights and experiences on air.
  • Anna Mayilyan: She is a rising star in the Armenian music scene. She has a beautiful voice and a unique style. She hosts the Regional program and introduces new songs on air.
  • Garin: He is a talented rapper who mixes hip hop with Armenian elements. He hosts the Manavand program and raps his own lyrics on air.


Radio YAN is more than just a radio station. It is a platform for Armenian culture, identity, and solidarity. It is a voice for Armenia in the world.

Website: arf-radio

Facebook: RadioYAN

Twitter: @voiceofyan

Language: Armenian


Cell: +33 7 69 79 32 79

Radio YAN
Radio YAN
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