Radio Van: The #1 Radio Station in Armenia

Radio Van is a popular radio station from Armenia, it’s broadcasting at 103.1 FM. It airs a variety of radio programs, such as news, sports, music, culture, entertainment and more. Radio Van has been broadcasting class leading radio programs since 1998. It has thousands of loyal listeners who enjoy its diverse and quality content.

History of Radio Van

Radio Van was founded by a group of Armenian journalists and media professionals. They wanted to create a radio station that would reflect the interests and needs of the Armenian society and its people. The radio was named after the ancient city of Armenia, Van, it was a cultural and historical center for the Armenian people.

It started broadcasting on May 28, 1998, coinciding with the 80th anniversary of the First Republic of Armenia. The first program of the radio was a live concert by the famous Armenian singer Arto Tunçboyacıyan. Since then, Radio Van has been providing its listeners with informative, educational and entertaining programs that cover various topics and genres.


Its mission is to provide a platform for Armenian voices to be heard. It also promotes community engagement across Armenia. Its programs are a mix of news, music, talk, entertainment, discussion, community and more. Radio Van’s mission is to offer a diverse range of radio programs that reflects the interests of the Armenian community.

Some of its popular programs are:

  • Два Рубена (Two Rubens): – Coffee, awakening, distracting from traffic jams, replacing jogging, positive for the day…
  • GlumOFF
  • Боброе Утро (Beaver Morning): – Morning entertainment show from 9:00 to…
  • Глумово утро (Gloomy morning): – Woke up? Turn it on!!! And don’t touch the radio with your hands anymore!!! Listen with your ears to what we do with our hearts..
  • Линейный эфир (Linear ether): – Line broadcast is a very important fragment of a three-hour segment, during which the presenters spend…
  • World Music & Exclusive: – “World music” is a music program, the only one of its kind, that introduces music lovers to the best…


Radio Van has a team of professional and talented presenters who deliver the programs with enthusiasm and passion. Some of the presenters are:

  • Egor Glumov – Program Director
  • Shushanik Arevshatyan – Director of “VAN” Radio Station
  • Artak Muradyan – Technical Director
  • Mary Soloyan – Music Editor
  • Grant Hovhannisyan – Sound Engineer
  • Anna Arevshatyan – Director
  • Dmitry Mkrtchyan – Radio presenter
  • Masha Matveeva – Radio presenter
  • Lusine Badalyan – Radio Presenter
  • Jacques – Radio presenter
  • Maxim Gorky – Radio presenter
  • Anya Geller – Radio presenter


Radio Van is the most awarded radio in the entire South Caucasus. It is a participant in all major international festivals and competitions. The geography of participation is the most diverse, as well as the prizes received. From the best male voice to the best program and broadcast design. 145 diplomas of victories, 11 Popov awards, 4 awards as the most creative radio and many more.

This is more than just a radio station. It is a voice of the Armenian people, a source of information and entertainment, and a platform for dialogue and expression. This is the #1 radio station in Armenia because it delivers quality content that resonates with its listeners. Tune in to Radio Van today and enjoy its programs!



Twitter: @RadioVAN

YouTube: radiovan103fm

Language: Armenian


Cell: +37410 56-09-01

Address: Khanjyan 13a, 7th floor, 0010 Yerevan, Armenia.

AppStore: radiovanfm

Radio Van