Radio Ludnica

Radio Ludnica

Listen Radio Ludnica Online, a vibrant musical experience!

Radio Ludnica is one of the most popular 24 hour radio stations in Croatia. It’s broadcasting from Zagreb in Croatian language.


If you are looking for a radio station that offers a mix of music, entertainment, culture, and news based programs then this is the perfect radio for you. Radio Ludnica, means “crazy radio” in Croatian Radio Ludnica was founded on January 20, 2005. Since then, it has been popular for its entertaining and engaging radio programs. The radio mainly focuses on musical programs. But, it’s also popular for its talk shows, comedy, sports, and more.

Music lovers from of all age group loves listening to its musical programs. It plays music from contemporary hits to hidden gems, classical to modern songs, covering popular Croatian music genres as well as music from pop, rock, dance, soul etc. If you want to pass time with a radio that entertains you with class leading music selection, then this is the ultimate radio for you.

On top of its musical shows, this is a radio equally applauded for its news, current affair, sports, culture and other general radio program.

So, if you are searching for an entertaining and engaging radio from Croatia, then Radio Ludnica is the perfect radio for you.


Its mission is to enrich the lives of its listeners with quality content, positive vibes, and fun. Presenters at the radio are passionate and talented. They love to share their opinions, stories, and talents with the audience.

Its popularity is evident in its loyal and growing fan base. They enjoy listening to the station’s programs and interacting with the presenters and other listeners through various platforms.


Radio Ludnica
Radio Ludnica
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