Listen to Radio Max Online, The Voice of Varaždin County!

Radio Max is a popular online radio station broadcasting online from Croatia. The radio is presented in Croatian language. It broadcasts on 99.3 MHz FM from Maruševec, a village in Varaždin County, Croatia.


The radio started its journey with a small team of radio enthusiasts and some modest equipment. In the beginning, it was available at 97.5 MHz FM, but later switched to 99.3 MHz FM in 2000. Today listeners from across the globe can tune and enjoy its programs online. Back then, it was one of the first independent radio stations in Croatia. The radio faced many challenges and obstacles in its radio broadcasting journey. However, Radio Max survived and gradually gained the trust and loyalty of the listeners.


What sets Radio Max apart is its diverse range of programs. From engaging talk and news based shows to music and entertainment programs, it airs programs for a wide range of listeners. It’s also a platform for emerging artists, local talents, and independent music. All of its programs are crafted with listeners preference and demands. It plays the best folk music from Croatia and the Balkan region.

If you are looking for a radio station in Croatia for music, then Radio Max is the perfect radio for you. It plays popular Croatian music as well as hottest songs from pop, rock, dance, top 40 and other contemporary hits.

The radio also covers the latest sports news and events, both local and international.


Radio Max has a team of professional and charismatic presenters. They are the heartbeat of the radio and its popularity. They bring their unique personalities, charm and charisma and hooks listeners with its programs around the clock. Each program becomes a tad more exciting, informative, entertaining and engaging because of their connection with listeners.

Radio Max is more than just a radio station, it is a voice of the people and a source of news, music and entertainment.


Frequency: 99.3 FM

Radio Max