Listen to Radio Banovina Online, Kutinska Slatina’s one of the best radio!

Radio Banovina is a popular radio station broadcasting online from Croatia. It is streaming in Croatian language. It broadcasts from Glina, a town in the Sisak-Moslavina County. The radio covers a wide range of topics, from news and politics to entertainment, music and culture.


Radio Banovina was founded in 1993, during the Croatian War of Independence. The radio was initially named Radio Glina, but later changed its name to Radio Banovina, to reflect its wider scope and audience. This was one of the first independent media outlets in Croatia. It played a crucial role in defending the country’s sovereignty and democracy.


Radio Banovina offers a diverse and rich programming line up. It meets the need and preference of its listeners of various age group. The radio airs musical and entertainment shows as well as news and informational programs too. You will enjoy programs on topics such as politics, sports, culture, health, education, and more.

Its musical programs cover all the popular music hits in Croatia and beyond. Also, showcases new and upcoming artists, as well as classic hits from the past. Moreover, the radio airs musical programs dedicated to the traditional and folk music of Croatia. Especially tradition folk songs from the regions of Banovina, Kordun, Lika, and Slavonia.

At night, it provides a relaxing and romantic atmosphere for the listeners, with soft and smooth music, love poems, and dedications. The show also gives advice and tips on relationships, health, and well-being.

Vision and Mission:

Radio Banovina’s vision is to be the leading radio station in Croatia and the region, by providing high-quality and relevant content. It loves to inform, educate, entertain, and inspire its listeners, by promoting the culture and heritage of Banovina and Croatia.

Radio Banovina is the radio station that listens to you, and you listen to it. This is the radio station that everyone loves.


Radio Banovina