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Radio Istra is one of the most popular 24 hour radio stations in Croatia. It’s broadcasting from Istria region of Croatia. The radio started its radio broadcasting journey on September 22, 1991. Since the beginning of its broadcasting, it became one of the most popular radio station of the region for its listeners centric, engaging programs. Today, this is the most popular and influential radio stations in the area.

This radio station has become an integral part of the Croatian media landscape, weaving a tapestry of entertainment, information, and community engagement in the region.


Radio Istra offers a diverse and appealing program. It covers various topics, such as economy, politics, culture, sports, education, science, religion, children, and youth. It’s also a great radio for musical entertainment for the radio fans of the region. The radio plays a wide range of music genres, from international and domestic hits, to modern pop-rock, 80s and 90s classics, club music, and more.

This is a radio that celebrates the rich musical heritage of Istria and Kvarner, two neighboring regions in Croatia. With traditional and contemporary songs in local dialects. It explores the history, culture, and identity of Istria and its people, with guests, stories, and music. Listeners can also enjoy the latest news and trends in the world of entertainment, fashion, lifestyle, and about celebrities.

Over the years, Radio Istra has expanded its coverage area, frequency, and program, reaching more listeners and offering more content and services.


Radio Istra has a team of talented and experienced presenters. Its talented team of presenters and journalists are the ones who connects and engages listeners with the radio and its programs.

Their passion for the region and their ability to connect with listeners are what make Radio Istra truly special.

In conclusion, Radio Istra is more than just a radio station; it is a vital part of the Istrian community.



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Contact Number: +385 52 887 700

Radio Istra