Listen to Radio Kaj Online, The Voice of the Kajkavian Region!

Radio Kaj is a Croatian radio station that broadcasts to the city of Zagreb. It was founded in 1992. This is one of the oldest radio stations in Croatia. Its motto is “Radio Kaj for the Kajkavian region”.  Like its motto, the radio focuses on the interests, wishes and needs of the listeners who speak the Kajkavian dialect of Croatia.


Radio Kaj offers a variety of programs. It airs informative, documentary, entertaining, musical, as well as Croatian pop music with elements of the Kajkavian language and music style. The radio features stories, interviews and reports from different parts of the Kajkavian region. Also covers in depth news, events and topics related to Kajkavian and Croatia.

Its programs are not only about news and information about the region but, this is the radio that broadcasts all sorts of popular musical shows around the clock. From traditional Croatian songs to international hits, the radio offers the ultimate music listening experience.

Local folk music mingles with contemporary hits, while insightful discussions on regional issues and historical insights take center stage here.


Radio Kaj’s mission extends far beyond mere entertainment. It’s a dedicated advocate for the Kajkavski dialect, a unique and cherished part of Croatian heritage. Through its programs, educational initiatives, and collaborations with cultural institutions, the station works tirelessly to preserve and promote this rich linguistic treasure.

Radio Kaj is also involved in various social and cultural activities, such as organizing concerts, festivals, competitions, charity events and campaigns.

So, the next time you tune in, let Radio Kaj transport you to the heart of Croatia’s vibrant northwest region.

It is a voice of the Kajkavian region, a promoter of the Kajkavian identity, culture and language, and a friend of its listeners.


Radio Kaj