Laganini FM

Laganini FM

Listen to Laganini FM Online, The Radio That Makes You Feel Good!

Laganini FM is one of the most popular online radio station in Croatia. It broadcasts in Croatian language. If you are looking for a radio station that can make you feel good, just tune in to Laganini FM. It is a lifestyle, a musical passion and connecting Croatian radio listeners with its culture and lifestyle. It’s as vibrant as Croatia itself and airs the latest news, the best music and the most entertaining hosts.

The Programs of Laganini FM

Its programs are diverse, entertaining and engaging. 24/7, the radio is a carnival and celebration of Croatian music and its vibrant culture. It’s the go-to radio station for millions of radio listeners in Croatia from all age group. Every morning the radio wakes you up with humor, music and useful information. Hosted by Mišo Čakarun and Flora Turner. The perfect way to start your day.

The radio also broadcasts interview with prominent guests from the world of politics, culture, sports or entertainment.

Keep informed with the world affairs with its programs on the current events and trends in Croatia and the world.

The station offers a diverse range of musical programs. Music lovers can tune in for anything from classic rock and pop to jazz, blues, and even traditional Croatian music.


The presenters of Laganini FM are the heart and soul of the station. They are the ones who bring you the music, the news and the stories that make you feel good. They are also the ones who interact with you, the listeners, and make you part of the LaganiniFM family. Some of the station’s most popular presenters include Ingrid Divković, Robert Lisica, and Antonija Mandić.

It’s a great radio for music, news, entertainment, culture and more.


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Language: Croatian

Laganini FM
Laganini FM
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