Assyrian Babylon Radio

Assyrian Babylon Radio

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Assyrian Babylon Radio is 24/7 Assyrian live radio broadcasts Assyrian music, poems, debates and other live programs in Assyrian language.


It broadcast entirely in Assyrian, offering a vibrant mix of music, poems, discussions, and live programs.

This is the radio where world music meets the modern musical accent. The radio mixes its playlists with a lot of world music and cultural music that it becomes a pure pleasure to ears.

To get the best of both worlds of old and classic world music, this is a perfect radio. The classic and cultural music of Assyrian Babylon Radio is absolutely one of the best choice without any kind of doubt or hesitation.

It’s where the timeless charm of classic music meets the freshness of modern rhythms. The radio stands out for its dedication to merging the old with the new. More than just a station, it’s a bridge connecting the Assyrian diaspora with their rich cultural heritage.

The station is more than entertainment, it’s a lifeline to the Assyrian community. Celebrating the poetic legacy of Assyria, the station airs recitations and discussions that delve into the heart of Assyrian literature.

It’s a platform where listeners can immerse themselves in the cultural and musical richness of Assyria, no matter where they are in the world.

Tune In and Connect:

If you’re interested in exploring Assyrian culture or simply want to experience a unique soundscape, Assyrian Babylon Radio is a must-listen. Let the rich tapestry of Assyrian culture wash over you. You might just discover a hidden gem or reconnect with a forgotten part of your own heritage.

Now, the service includes two radio channels and a Song Request System to choose. Listen to your favorite song on Assyrian Babylon Radio.

Assyrian Babylon Radio
Assyrian Babylon Radio
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