Listen to DR P3 Online, The Radio That Rocks!

DR P3 is a prominent sister radio station by Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR).  P3 focuses on both the new and emerging artists as well as the more established ones. The annual “Career Cannon” gives unknown musicians the opportunity to break through and be played on the channel.


The radio is run by Danish Broadcasting Corporation. It’s the biggest thematic radio broadcaster in Denmark.  DR P3 is one of its popular station among music fans and emerging musicians as well. DR P3 was launched in 1963 as a youth-oriented station. Moreover, it was a response to the emergence of pirate radio stations that played pop and rock music. Also, its programs back then were on pop and rock music, entertainment, and social issues. Still today, this is one of the youth focused radio station by DR. Today, it also covers a wide range of topics, such as culture, politics, sports, science, and health.


Music is at the heart of the radio, and its focus on exciting and engaging music makes it an instant favorite for the music fans of Denmark. DR P3 is one of the most popular radio stations in Denmark, reaching over a million listeners every week. It caters to a young and urban audience, specially among pop and rock music lovers. Although it covers all kinds of urban contemporary music genres, but the main focus remains on pop and rock music.

Furthermore, on top of music, it keeps its listeners informed with its latest news and current affair shows. Also, it covers culture, politics, sports, science, and health topics.

Airs a show that invites guests from the music world to share their stories, insights, and opinions. Also, introduces listeners to the newest and hottest music from Denmark and abroad.

DR P3 continued to evolve and adapt to the changing media landscape and listener preferences. The vision of DR P3 is to be the most relevant and engaging radio station for the young and urban audience in Denmark.