Radio Globus

Radio Globus

Listen Radio Globus Online, One of the best radios in Southern Denmark.

Radio Globus is a Danish commercial radio station from Sdr. Hygum near Rødding. It focuses on the Southern and Southern Jutlands since 1999. This is Denmark’s Ultimate Source of community, Entertainment and Information.


The radio delivers programs with lots of humor, today’s hit music, sport, local weather forecasts as well as local and nationwide news. Radio Globus has earned a special place in the hearts of listeners across the country, delivering a unique blend of entertainment and information. One of the standout features of Radio Globus is its penchant for humor. Tuning in to Globus is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

Music is also a key part of its programs. The radio broadcasts all the best musical programs packed with top class songs by Denmark’s best music and from international artists as well. From pop to rock, classic to modern hits, this is the home to all kinds of popular music.

Local Weather Forecasts and News Updates

In addition to entertainment, the radio also provides regular weather forecasts tailored to different regions across Denmark. So that, listeners can plan their day with confidence, knowing what to expect from the ever-changing Danish climate.

Moreover, Radio Globus keeps listeners informed about the latest local and nationwide news developments, ensuring they stay up-to-date on current events and issues that matter to them.

Tuning in, you’re not just listening to a broadcast; you’re joining a conversation, laughing with friends, and experiencing the unique pulse of Southern Denmark.


Radio Globus