Skala FM

Skala FM

Tune to Skala FM, among the best online radio from Denmark!

Skala FM has become a popular name among the radio listeners of Denmark for its world-class programs. With the tagline “Turn Up The Mood”, the radio has become a prominent online radio for mood boosting music and podcasts in Denmark. It’s tuned and loved by radio listeners of all age groups and backgrounds. This is the radio that connects you with the vibrant and melodious world of Danish music around the clock.


SkalaFM airs the World’s Best Morning Podcast!

The station’s flagship program, “Verdens Bedste Morgen” (The World’s Best Morning), is a testament to its popularity. It features a dynamic team with Mattias, Lasse, Louise, and Hoffe. They gather all the best of the week’s content, including listener dilemmas and humorous stories.
Listen to the World’s Best Morning show every weekday from 6 – 9 on, and as a podcast every Friday at 11.

The show airs every weekday morning and is also available as a podcast, making it accessible to a global audience. is a Southern Danish Powerhouse Bringing Hits and Community Together!

Its journey began in the vibrant radio scene of the 80s. Merging beloved local stations, Skala FM emerged, carrying the torch of community focus and entertainment. Today, they hold the distinction of being one of Southern Denmark’s strongest radio brands. It brings positivity and energy to its listeners’ daily lives. It does so through a carefully curated selection of hits and local radio content.

With a commitment to innovation and listener engagement, the station is exploring new ways to interact with its audience, including through social media and other digital channels.


Skala FM