Midtfjord Radio

Midtfjord Radio

Listen to Midtfjord Radio Online, One of Denmark’s Best Radio.

Midtfjord Radio is a local radio station in Denmark that broadcasts on 90.9 FM and 104.1 FM frequencies.


Midtfjord has a broadcasting license in the municipalities of Jammerbugt and Vesthimmerland. It has broadcast continuously since 1 November 1986. At first it was broadcast on one frequency, in a very limited area around Løgstør. Later, the Fjerritslev-Brovst area was added. And even later, a broadcasting collaboration was established with Radio Nibenitten.

The Radio at Today’s Era:

It now broadcasts via the broadcasting cooperative “Jammerbugt “, which is owned and operated by Radio Nibenitten and Midtfjord Radio. It broadcasts on 4 frequencies, various cable networks and via the Internet. Broadcasting license covers Jammerbugt, Nibe, Vesthimmerlands and Aalborg municipalities.

The radio is operated as a non-commercial association radio, free of financial and political interests.


The program company offers a wide range of programs weekly, which aim to reflect the surrounding local community. It offers a variety of programs, such as news, culture, music, entertainment, and more. Their music selection caters to a wide audience, ensuring there’s always a tune to fit your mood. Listeners can also explore the local history, culture, and literature of the region through its programs.

35 – 40 volunteer employees ensure that the radio is staffed, and all tasks are completed every day. Midtfjord radio offers “public access”, where citizens are invited to organize, produce and participate in the radio’s programs.

Midtfjord Radio is run by volunteers and is supported by donations and sponsorships. It aims to serve the local community and provide a platform for dialogue and diversity.

Website: www.midtfjordradio.dk

Midtfjord Radio
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