Listen to Barranquilla Estereo, One of the best radio from Colombia.

Barranquilla Estereo is a Colombian radio station that broadcasts on 91.1 FM frequency. It’s among the most popular and influential radio stations from Barranquilla. The radio offers a variety of musical and informative programs.


Barranquilla Estereo was founded in 1980 as the first tropical music station in FM frequency in Barranquilla. It was directed by Jorge Cura, a renowned radio strategist and journalist. Barranquilla Estereo marked an unforgettable era of popular radio in the city, with its innovative and dynamic style.


Barranquilla Estereo has a diverse and attractive programming that covers different musical genres, such as salsa, vallenato, reggaeton, and electronic music. Some of its most famous programs are:

  • Orquesta La Conspiración: A program that features the best of salsa music, with live performances, interviews, and news about the salsa scene.
  • Violeta (Remix): A program that mixes the latest hits of reggaeton and urban music, with the participation of DJs and artists from the genre.
  • Brisa de Diciembre: A program that celebrates the festive season of December, with the best of vallenato and tropical music, as well as tips and recommendations for enjoying the holidays.


Barranquilla Estereo’s vision is to be the leading radio station in Barranquilla, with a high-quality and varied programming that satisfies the tastes and needs of its listeners.


Barranquilla Estereo’s mission is to entertain, inform, and educate its audience, with a responsible and professional approach, and a commitment to social and cultural development.


Barranquilla Estereo has a team of talented and charismatic presenters, who bring joy and enthusiasm to the listeners. Some of them are:

  • Hector Rivera: He is the host of Orquesta La Conspiración, and a passionate salsa lover. He has a vast knowledge of the history and evolution of salsa music. Also, he often interviews famous salsa artists and bands.
  • Luis Pava: Host of Violeta (Remix), and a fan of reggaeton and urban music. He has a lively and energetic style. Interacts with the listeners and the DJs who participate in the program.
  • Rufo Garrido: He is the host of Brisa de Diciembre, and a lover of vallenato and tropical music. Like other hosts, he is also very friendly and charming with listeners. He often shares stories and anecdotes about the festive season and the traditions of Barranquilla.


Barranquilla Estereo has a significant impact on the radio market and the culture of Barranquilla. It has a loyal and diverse audience, who enjoy its musical and informative content. The radio is also very popular for its support and promotion of local artists and events, contributing to the artistic and cultural scene of the city.

Barranquilla Estereo is one of the most popular and listened radio stations in Barranquilla, according to various surveys and ratings. It has a large and active online presence. Also, the radio interacts with its followers and fans. Its programs are widely listened to by people of all ages and backgrounds.



FaceBook: barranquillaestereo

Instagram: barranquillast

YouTube: barranquillast

Language: Spanish

WhatsApp: +57 300 3232744

Contact Number: +300 323 2744

Frequency: 91.1 FM

Barranquilla Estereo