Pinguino Stereo

Pinguino Stereo

Listen to Pinguino Stereo, In the ear of the community!

Pinguino Stereo, a leading radio station in Cali, Colombia. It offers an eclectic mix of music, informative programs, and passionate presenters. The radio adapts to audience preferences while maintaining core values of entertainment, information, and community engagement. This is a relatively new station that has gained popularity among the listeners who enjoy the classic and contemporary hits.


Pinguino Stereo offers a variety of programs that cater to different tastes and moods. You can listen to romantic ballads and rancheras, rhythmic son and wawanco, spicy news and humor. As well as nostalgic songs and memories, current music and reviews, relaxing sounds and messages, and of course, the legendary Sonora Matancera. You can also interact and participate with the station through its social media platforms.


The vision of Pinguino Stereo is to be the leading radio station in Colombia and the world. It wants to be a mainstream online radio for salsa, reggae, and pop latino music. Broadcasting high-quality programs that satisfies the audience. The mission of the radio is to entertain, inform, and educate the listeners with a diverse and innovative content. It reflects the culture and identity of Colombia and Latin America, with a social and environmental responsibility.


The presenters of Pinguino Stereo are a team of professionals and enthusiasts who share their passion and knowledge for the music and the topics they cover, with a friendly and charismatic style that connects with the listeners. The impact and popularity of PinguinoStereo are evident in the positive feedback and the loyalty of the listeners, who appreciate the variety and quality of the programming.

Pinguino Stereo has established itself as a leading voice in Cali’s media landscape.



FaceBook: pinguinoestereo1069

Language: Spanish

Contact Number: +57 315 5624817

WhatsApp: +3162665386

Address: Santiago de Cali, Colombia.

Frequency: 106.9 FM

Pinguino Stereo