La Voz Del Rio Grande

La Voz del Rio Grande

Listen to La Voz Del Rio Grande: The Classic Hits of Medellín!

La Voz del Rio Grande is a radio station that broadcasts from Medellín, Colombia, on 910 kHz AM and online. It is a popular source of classic hits, news, and culture for the listeners in the Antioquia region and beyond.

History of La Voz Del Rio Grande:

It was founded by Hilda Strauss. She worked as a journalist and writer for other radio stations and magazines in Medellín. Also, the radio was created to provide a different and enriching voice for the listeners in Medellín. She named it La Voz del Rio Grande, which means “The Voice of the Great River”. It reflects the geographical and symbolic importance of the Cauca River, which crosses the Antioquia region. She also chose the slogan “La radio diferente”, which means “The different radio”, to emphasize the unique and original style of the station.


Kickstart your day with the enchanting tunes and lively conversations in the morning. A blend of pop and Latin music, interviews, and positive vibes, this program sets the perfect tone for the day. Also, immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Colombian traditions with its later shows. Listeners can enjoy musical programs that represent the rich Colombian culture. The radio also airs news programs that deliver accurate and relevant information. Keeping listeners abreast of local and global events.

But, the core attraction of its programs are the entertaining and engaging music shows based on pop and Latin music. It’s one of the best radio of Colombia for Music covering various eras, and regions. Listeners can enjoy the best pop, Latin and other music of Colombia and from across the globe too.


It has a team of experienced and talented presenters. They add to the charm and engaging listening experience of the radio.  Each presenter brings a unique passion and charisma, contributing to the station’s vibrant environment.  Their connection with the listeners is also palpable.

Some of the most prominent presenters are:

  • Hilda Strauss
  • Irene Gómez
  • Irma Aristizábal
  • Diego León Hoyos:

This is the second most listened radio station in Medellín, Colombia. It has an average of 150,000 daily listeners. It has received numerous awards for its excellence in the radio industry. Furthermore, It has a large and loyal audience, and its programs are widely listened to by people of all ages and backgrounds.

La Voz del Rio Grande is a vital part of the Colombian radio landscape for music and more.



Language: Spanish

Contact Number: 320 673 6604

Address: Medellin, Colombia

Frequency: 910 AM

La Voz del Rio Grande