Listen to Radio Guatapuri, The Voice of Valledupar!

Radio Guatapuri is a radio station that broadcasts from Valledupar. It’s the capital of the Cesar department in Colombia. This is one of the most popular radio stations in the region. Also, the radio is very popular for its high-quality news, information, and entertainment programs.


It was founded on August 30, 1963, by the journalist and politician Alfonso López Michelsen. He later became the president of Colombia. Originally it was intended to serve the rural communities of the Cesar Department. However, Quickly after its inception, the radio became a mainstream radio station in the region. It reaches a large audience in the Caribbean region and beyond.

Currently, it is the only radio company in Valledupar that works with 50 kilowatts of power with a modern HARRIS transmitter.

So, its the station that airs news, information, sports, economics, and social programs, as well as classical, romantic, and popular music.


Radio Guatapuri is famous for its wide variety of radio programs in accordance with the interest of radio listeners in Valledupar. It is equally liked by listeners from across Colombia for its focus on Colombians affairs and contents. The radio is known for its informative and cultural content, as well as its musical variety. Furthermore, the radio also airs news, sports, economics, politics, community, and entertainment programs. Also, features interviews with prominent personalities, services to the public, and editorial opinions. Some of its most popular shows are La Tribuna del Cesar, Noticias 9 en Punto, La Licuadora, Al Ruedo, and Entrevistas Política.

Radio Guatapuri has been a leader and civic driving force for the progress of Valledupar, El Cesar and the region. This company has been characterized by the rescue and defense of the customs and civic, cultural, economic and folkloric values of the region.

Radio Guatapuri is also a promoter of the vallenato music. Which is traditional folk music of the Colombian Caribbean coast. It plays classic and contemporary vallenato songs, as well as other genres such as salsa, merengue, pop, and rock.


Radio Guatapuri has a team of professional and experienced journalists, and presenters. They deliver quality and reliable information to the listeners. All of its presenters are very friendly and cheerful. They are one of the core reason behind the radio’s popularity. Some of the most popular presenters of Radio Guatapuri are: Jorge Nain Ruiz, Jorge Bolaño, José Antonio Peñaloza, Carlos Alberto Morales, and Luis Eduardo Daza. They act like a bridge between the radio and its listeners.

The station’s presenters are famous for their engaging personalities and their ability to connect with listeners.

Radio Guatapuri has been a true school of radio in the country. Great journalists and broadcasters have passed through here and been trained. They have given luster and prestige to radio communication in Colombia and the world, such as Andrés Salcedo González.


Radio Guatapuri envisions itself as a major radio station in the region. With a significant social and cultural influence. Also, it has a purpose of informing, educating, entertaining, and serving the community responsibly and ethically. The station has raised awareness of crucial issues and offered a useful forum for the local community.

Radio Guatapuri is more than a radio station, it is a voice of Valledupar, a voice of the vallenato, and a voice of Colombia. It is a radio station that has made history and continues to make it every day.



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Language: Spanish

Contact Number: +57 321 5163675

Address: Calle 17 No. 15-67, Valledupar, Cesar, Colombia

Frequency: 740 AM

Radio Guatapuri