El Corrillo de Mao

El Corrillo de Mao

Listen to El Corrillo de Mao, The Voice of Cali!

El Corrillo de Mao is a radio station that broadcasts from Cali, Colombia. Listeners can tune the radio at 89.1 MHz FM and online. It is a popular source of sports commentary, news, and entertainment for radio and sport fans in Valle del Cauca region and beyond. Sports fan from across the country loves the radio, and it has got tremendous support from the local community. The radio is a great promoter of sports culture in Colombia. This has made it the most popular sport oriented radio station in the country.

History of El Corrillo de Mao:

Mao Molina, a former sports writer for various newspapers and radio stations in Cali, launched the radio in 2008. The aim was to provide sports fans of Cali a new, independent voice. In an effort to capture the laid-back vibe of the station, he gave it the name El Corrillo de Mao, which translates to “Mao’s group of friends”. Also, to highlight the station’s pride in its local character, he also selected the motto “La voz de Cali” (The voice of Cali).


Its vision is to be the leading radio station in Cali and the Valle del Cauca region. It meets the needs and expectations of listeners through quality programs. Furthermore, the radio also aims to inform, entertain, educate, and inspire the listeners, through a diverse and innovative program lineup. All of its programs reflects the culture and values of the region, specially sporting passion of the region.


El Corrillo de Mao is first and foremost a sport radio.  It broadcasts all sorts of sport shows to meet the expectations of its listeners. Promotes local, national and international sporting events to a wide range of listeners.

Among its radio programs El Corrillo de Mao is the flagship show. Its hosted by journalist Mao Molina, which covers soccer news and opinions. El Corrillo de Mao Plus is a spin-off with in-depth analysis and interviews with guests. Then, El Corrillo de Mao Salsa showcases the best of salsa, the emblematic genre of Cali. Also, El Corrillo de Mao Weekend is a weekend edition of the main program. It covers soccer matches, sports and entertainment news.

This is a popular radio station in Cali and the Valle del Cauca region, with an average of 168,000 daily listeners. With over 200,000 followers on social media. It has received numerous awards for its excellence and contribution to the radio industry. This is the most popular sports radio program in Cali, with a market share of over 50{60297c3c1f31c932e6d9e222881b19d68abc8a6c613ff5fa51397582320704f4}. It has received the following awards:

  • Premio Simón Bolívar (2008, 2010, 2012)
  • Premio India Catalina (2009, 2011, 2013)
  • Premio CPB (2010, 2012, 2014)

It connects and entertains sport fans through a diverse and innovative programs. This is, without a doubt, the voice of Cali.

Website: www.elcorrillodemao.com

Email: elcorrillodemao2008@gmail.com

FaceBook: ElCorrilloDeMao


Instagram: elcorrillodemao

YouTube: elcorrillodemao

Language: Spanish

Contact Number: +0326688242

WhatsApp: +573102524766

Address: Santiago de Cali, Colombia.

Frequency: 89.1 FM

El Corrillo de Mao
El Corrillo de Mao
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