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Country Radio
Czech Republic

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Country Radio is a radio station that broadcasts from Prague, Czech Republic. It specializes in country music, folk music, and bluegrass.

It started in 1991 and is one of the oldest private radio stations in the country. The radio has a loyal fan base of listeners who enjoy its relaxing and nostalgic programming.


The radio offer in the medium wave band has significantly improved with the launch of the transmitter from the highest building in the Czech Republic, the transmitter in Liblice near České Brod. You can tune in to the Radio broadcast on the AM frequency of 639kHz with a power of 20kW. The transmission antenna is a current pair of antenna masts with a height of 355 m.

Country Radio Broadcasts In The Czech Republic Of Budejovici And Parts Of Southern Bohemia On Am 954khz.

Also. The radio is available for radio listeners across the globe as an online radio station.


Country Radio is the only dedicated country music station in the Czech Republic and has a loyal following of listeners. Its programs are packed with classic and contemporary country and bluegrass music. The radio also broadcasts special music events throughout the year. It showcases live performances of country and folk artists in various cities across the Czech Republic.

This is the radio that brings you everything related to country music write to your ears. It explores the history and culture of country music from across the globe.

Every weekday from 6 to 7 o’clock. Do you want to make waking up in the morning more pleasant with your favorite song? Do you want to be the first to send holiday or birthday wishes to your friends in the morning? Choose a song and write a wish or message.


Country Radio