Listen To Radio Proglas Online, Radio For The Whole Family, For A Friendly Home!

Radio Proglas is a popular radio station broadcasting from Brno, South Moravian, Czech Republic. This is the radio suitable for all members of family.  A great radio for listeners of all age groups. It’s packed with programs on music, news, world affairs, humor, entertainment and more.


The radio has a vibrant and rich broadcasting history. It’s connecting radio listeners of Czech Republic with top class radio programs for years now. The radio began as a small radio station with one transmitter on Svatý Hostýn, a mountain in the Czech Republic. The station gradually expanded its coverage and audience, thanks to the support of listeners.

Today, Radio Proglas broadcasts from 15 transmitters, covering about one-third of the Czech Republic. Also, listeners from across the globe can tune the radio online. It’s a modern and robust radio that stood the test of time by adapting its programs according to the changing preference of its listeners.


Entertaining, engaging and informative programs are the reason behind its immense popularity and success. Over the years it adapted with time and demand of its listeners. It’s jam packed with musical programs as well as a hub for proper news and information. The radio boots a variety of programs that cater to different audiences and preferences.

Features news, weather, traffic, interviews, and music. Also, explores various aspects of life, such as art, science, history, psychology etc.

At the heart of Radio Proglas’s programs is music. It airs musical programs on a mix of genres, from classical to contemporary, from Czech to international. Moreover, it also introduces new artists, albums, and songs.

Its vision is to be a leading radio for the whole family, that offers quality, diverse, entertaining and meaningful programs.

Radio Proglas is more than just a radio station. It is a community, a family, and a friend. It is a voice of hope, and joy.


Radio Proglas