Listen to Radio BEAT Online, The Musical Pulse Of Czech Republic!

Radio BEAT is a very popular online radio station in Czech Republic, broadcasting a variety of musical and entertainment programs. It aims to provide quality radio programs that reflect the diverse tastes and interests of its listeners. The radio also promotes the culture and values of Czech Republic.


It started as an online radio station by some music enthusiasts. Soon it expanded to FM frequencies, reaching a wider and loyal fan base.

This is now one of the most listened radio stations in Czech Republic, with an average of 100,000 listeners per day. Listeners enjoys its programs both online and via FM frequency.


Radio BEAT is the home to the hottest music hits in Czech Republic. It covers all kinds of music, covering all the popular music genres and from all era. From classical to today’s best music, it covers them all. All day long, the radio broadcasts an eclectic mix of music, offering radio listeners of Czech Republic a very entertaining and engaging musical experience.

It covers all kinds of popular music genres like pop, rock, dance, disco, salsa, soul, hip hop, Greek hits etc.


Radio BEAT’s presenters are the heart and soul of the station, bringing their personality, talent, and charisma to every show. Radio BEAT’s presenters are:

  • Katka Kachna Kolinkovå
  • Petr Vejvobåk Vejvoda
  • Otto Seemann
  • Rubås Stand
  • Jirka Rogl
  • Dan Kohout
  • Honza Hamernik
  • Martin Vysusil
  • Petr Simåcek
  • Pepa Låbus
  • Ales Kruiik

With their engaging personalities and in-depth knowledge of music and entertainment, they hook listeners with the radio instantly.

Radio BEAT has a significant impact and popularity in Czech Republic, as well as abroad. It is a lifestyle, a community, and a source of great music for its listeners.


Radio BEAT