Radio Dechovka

Radio Dechovka
Czech Republic

Listen Radio Dechovka Online, We are the first brass radio. Tune us in – we’ll tune you in! We are your family.

Radio Dechovka is a private radio station focused on brass, folk and folk music from Bohemia, Moravia, Silesia and Slovakia. He also plays “old Prague” songs, popular songs from the 60s and tramp songs.

We have been playing for you from the ground up for 13 years.

We try to entertain and appeal to our listeners with a program that is unique in its content in the Czech Republic, a musical program that is unique to our nation – brass band.

Lovers of old Prague songs, popular songs of the 1960s, but also fans of tramp music

How it all started…

Behind everything is the dream of one enthusiast, radio matador, Roman Culk. The plan for his own radio was brewing in his head for a long time, until finally in 2009 Radio Dechovka was created.

But the beginnings were not easy. At that time, the studio was in the study of the family house where Roman lived with his family. The moment guests and presenters started coming on air, it was time to move.

Initially, Radio Dechovka broadcast only on the Internet in the player on its website and on the website.

In 2013, it received a nationwide broadcast license from the Radio and Television Broadcasting Council. To spread the signal, it used its own medium-wave transmitter in Prague – Bořanovice on the frequency AM 1233 kHz with a power of 10 kW.

In Prague, Pilsen and Ostrava, Radio Dechovka can also be tuned into the DAB+ digital radio network. In 2018, new co-owner Zdeněk Rajmont joined Roman Culko on his journey through brass bands.


It is the first brass radio in the Czech Republic.

Radio Dechovka has several special programs dedicated to brass music, such as “Brass Hour” (Dechová hodinka), “Brass Parade” (Dechová paráda), “Brass Music from the Heart of Europe” (Dechová hudba ze srdce Evropy) and “Brass Music for the Soul” (Dechová hudba pro duši).

The radio is popular among listeners of all ages, especially those who appreciate the traditional and authentic music of the Czech lands.

Radio Dechovka is more than just a radio station, it is a family of music lovers who share the same passion and joy for brass music.

Radio Dechovka is a unique and original radio station that celebrates the rich and diverse musical heritage of the Czech Republic and its neighboring countries.


Radio Dechovka