Listen to Radio Cas Online, The Voice of Moravia and Silesia!

Radio Cas is a regional radio station that broadcasts from the Czech Republic. It was founded with a vision to reflect the culture, history, and identity of the region.

Programs of Radio Cas:

The radio plays a mix of oldies and Czech music, and provides local news, and cultural programs.

Its slogan is “We play mega hits”. While rock forms the core of Radio Čas’ identity, it’s not just about cranking up the volume. The station boasts a diverse program lineup, catering to a wide range of tastes. From morning to late night, the radio is a carnival of hottest music by the Czech Republic’s best musicians and singers. It’s a meeting point for the music loving radio listeners of the Czech Republic. But, it’s not all about music, the radio is a reliable source of news and discussion. Listeners here are connected with the best music as well as what’s happening across the globe.

It’s a cheerful and energetic radio that fills the day with music.


Radio Cas has a team of experienced and charismatic presenters who host various shows throughout the day. They bring a unique blend of charisma, expertise, and dedication to their respective programs.

The radio has a vision of being the most listened to and trusted radio station in Moravia and Silesia. Its mission is to offer high-quality and diverse content that meets the needs and interests of its listeners. Radio Cas also aims to support the local communities and promote their values and traditions.

Radio Cas is a voice that connects, informs, entertains, and inspires its listeners. This is a radio station that plays mega hits.

Radio Cas