Listen To Radio Blanik Online, For The Most Beautiful Songs!

Radio Blanik is an online radio station broadcasting from the Czech Republic. It has been delighting its listeners with the most popular Czech songs for more than sixteen years now.

With over 1.5 million listeners per week, it has become the most popular radio station in the Czech Republic. The radio plays a variety of popular music genres. From folk to modern pop, it covers them all.


Radio Blanik was founded by a group of radio professionals and music fans. Their aim was to create a station that would appeal to a wide audience and promote Czech culture and music.

The station started as a local radio broadcaster, but soon covered the whole country. This was one of the first stations to use digital technology and online streaming in the country. It has always been at the forefront of radio broadcasting innovation and quality. Because of its adaptive nature according to the demand of changing time, it constantly remains one of the most popular radios in the Czech Republic.


Radio Blanik has a diverse range of programs to appeal to a wide range of radio listeners. Its programs cover music, entertainment, culture etc. Listeners of all age groups can tune the radio, and they are sure to find it one of the most engaging and entertaining radio station in the country. It caters to different tastes and moods of its listeners.

It plays the best Czech music, from classics to new hits, as well as interviews famous singers, bands, and composers. The radio also airs soft and easy music, perfect for unwinding after a long day. It broadcasts a show that takes listeners on a journey around the world, with stories, facts, and music from different countries and regions. The radio is also famous among younger listeners for its programs on the latest and hottest songs from the Czech music scene.

Radio Blanik has thousands of loyal listeners who tune the radio every day. This is the Czech radio that plays the most beautiful songs.


Radio Blanik