Radio Emigranti is a unique and innovative radio station that aims to serve the needs and interests of the Albanian emigrants around the world. It is a source of entertainment, information, culture and identity for the Albanians living in their home country and across the globe. The radio plays a crucial role in connecting Albanians across the globe. It also acts as the activists for human rights and a voice to needed people.

History of Radio Emigranti:

Radio Emigranti, founded in 2009 by Albanian emigrants. It is an internet radio station embracing Albanians worldwide. Their aim is simple: to connect, inform, and entertain Albanians living abroad. Broadcasting from Tirana, Albania, you can tune in online via their website or at


The station’s mission is clear: to give voice to Albanian emigrants facing challenges in new cultures. By sharing Albanian culture, values, and promoting unity, Radio Emigranti fosters solidarity among Albanian communities globally. It’s a hub for greetings and messages across countries and backgrounds.


Its programs are very diverse, meeting the need of Albanians worldwide. Some of its programs includes folk songs, oldies, DJ mixes, news, interviews, debates, and documentaries. From politics and economy to culture, sports, education, and health, they cover topics that matter. Collaborating with similar media and organizations amplifies the Albanian cause.

Yet, Radio Emigranti is more than a radio. It’s a network of friends and families bound by love for their homeland. A loving media for Albanian emigrants across the world. It’s a wellspring of information and inspiration. The station is a bridge between Albania’s past, present, and future. In essence, Radio Emigranti is the heartbeat of Albanian emigrants worldwide.



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Radio Emigranti
Radio Emigranti
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