Radio Dukagjini is a popular online radio from Gjirokastër, Albania. Its among the most popular names in the radio landscape of Albania.

History of Radio Dukagjini

Radio Dukagjini is a private radio station in Albania. Since the beginning of its broadcasting, it’s been one of the premier destination for thousands of radio listeners of Albania.  It is among the most popular radio station in northern Albania, with a reach to millions of listeners. The station broadcasts a variety of programming, including news, music, talk shows, culture, politics and sports.


Radio Dukagjini broadcasts a variety of radio programs around the clock. Listeners can tune the radio anytime and enjoy its classy programs on ongoing trends, news, entertainment and more. It’s one of the leading source of news and information for the people of Albania.  Their mission is to provide objective and unbiased reporting, to promote democratic values, and to broadcast authentic news on Albania and world affairs. Its keeps its listeners updated with the latest happenings around the globe. Thousands of listeners loves the instantaneous news update by its talented news team.

Music & More:

Not only up-to-date news, but this is also the perfect companion for Albania’s music lovers. From tradition folk songs to the most modern upbeat music, it’s your perfect music radio from Albania. What are popular trending songs in Albania, you will hear them in Radio Dukagjini. Its music includes Albanian folk music, pop music, and international hits. Dukagjini also broadcasts live coverage of sporting events, such as football matches and basketball games.


Radio Dukagjini’s presenters are the heart and soul of the station, enhancing each programs with charisma, knowledge, and a deep connection with the listeners. Each presenter at Radio Dukagjini brings a unique flair to their presentations, ensuring a diverse and engaging experience for listeners. They continue to be the driving force behind the station’s success and its ability to touch hearts and minds of its listeners.

Radio Dukagjini is a vital part of the media landscape in Albania. It is a source of news, information, and entertainment for millions of people.



FaceBook: radiodukagjini

TikTok: @radiodukagjini

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Language: Shqip

Contact Number: +038 737373

Address: Gjergj Fishta, Mag. Prishtine-Mitrovice km 3 Obiliq


Radio Dukagjini