Radio Kanali Shqip, A Prominent Radio In Albania.

Radio Kanali Shqip is an Albanian-language internet radio station that broadcasts from Tirana, Albania. It is popular for its engaging programs and vibrant content. It has become a go-to source for entertainment, news, and cultural insights.


It started broadcasting its programs in 2011 by a group of young Albanian music enthusiasts. They wanted to create a platform for promoting Albanian culture and music. It also aims to connect Albanian communities worldwide through the power of radio. Over the years, the station has evolved to a full-fledged modern online radio, embracing modern broadcasting techniques while preserving its cultural roots.


The purpose of Radio Kanali Shqip is to serve as a forum for the advancement of Albanian values, language, and culture. It aims to entertain, educate, and bring listeners from different generations together through its programs. The goal is to maintain being a symbol of Albanian identity while generating a sense of pride and belonging.


The station’s programs includes a mix of music, entertainment, news, talk shows, and cultural topics. It plays music by a wide range of Albanian artists, from traditional folk music to modern pop and rock. Then, it also broadcasts up-to-date news and informational shows about Albania and the world. Furthermore, it also airs current affairs, lifestyle and entertainment programs to meet the demand of modern radio listeners of all age groups and interests. And the cultural programming features programs on Albanian history, literature, and art.


The presenters at Radio Kanali Shqip are the heart and soul of the station. Their charismatic voices and engaging personalities make the programs come alive. They are popular among radio fans for their friendly and joyful presentation. They are the main reason behind a very cozy and engaging listening experience of the radio. Some of the popular presenters are:

  • Ermal Fejzullahu
  • Anxhela Peristeri
  • Dj Blendi
  • Ronela Hajati

In conclusion, Radio Kanali Shqip stands as a beacon of Albanian radio culture and unity. With its diverse programs, passionate presenters, and commitment to deliver quality programs, it continues to impress listeners worldwide. Whether you’re looking for entertainment, information, or a sense of connection, this radio station has got you covered.

Language: Shqip

Radio Kanali Shqip
Radio Kanali Shqip
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