Radio Pendimi Live Kanali-1

Radio Pendimi Live Kanali-1

Radio Pendimi Live Kanali-1: A Beacon Of Inspiration And Spiritual Nourishment.

Radio Pendimi Live Kanali-1 is a unique source of inspiration, faith, and Islamic knowledge, serving listeners through diverse religious programs, Islamic inspirational content, and a rich history. With a dedicated mission, it captivates its audience with its diverse and religious programs.


Radio Pendimi Live Kanali-1 is an Islamic radio station in Tirana, Albania, founded in 2006 and owned by RTV Pendimi. It broadcasts on FM frequency 93.3 MHz. It is part of the Radio Television Pendimi, which started its work in October 2006.


It aims to offer a platform for spiritual growth and reflection for Muslims, catering to a diverse audience and promoting religious and moral values. It fosters unity and understanding among Muslim listeners.


Radio Pendimi Live Kanali-1 hosts religious sermons, lectures, and discussions on faith, spirituality, and morality. It provides insights into Islamic teachings, inspiring stories of faith and determination, and recitation of the Quran. The station also engages with the community through events, charity drives, and initiatives aimed at helping those in need. The station also has a number of special programs, such as “Pendimi” (Repentance), which is dedicated to discussing religious topics.

Some of the programs Live Kanali-1 offers are:

  • Freskia e mëngjesit (The freshness of the morning)
  • Një Ilahi për ty (A nasheed for you)
  • Garo edhe ti (Compete also you)
  • Oqeani I diturisë (The ocean of knowledge)
  • Drita e së vërtetës (The light of the truth)


Its presenters serve as guides, mentors, and sources of wisdom, ensuring sincerity and authenticity in their message, rooted in religious teachings and community values. The station’s presenters include imams, scholars, and journalists. Some of the most popular presenters include:

    • Imam Bujar Hysa
    • Dr. Ilir Hoxha
    • Dr. Fatos Lubonja
    • Dr. Hysen Dervishi
    • Dr. Muhamed Hoxha

Radio Pendimi Live Kanali-1 has a history of promoting religious tolerance and understanding. The station has been praised for its role in helping to bridge the gap between Muslims and non-Muslims in Albania.



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Radio Pendimi Live Kanali-1
Radio Pendimi Live Kanali-1
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