Radio Mergimi

Radio Mergimi

Radio Mergimi, Albania’s popular radio station.

Radio Mergimi is a radio station that broadcasts from Albania for listeners across the country and around the world.  This is a dynamic and culturally rich radio station that has carved its place in the hearts of listeners. If you want to listen to the best online radio from Albania, Radio Mërgimi is the perfect radio for you. It’s among the best radio station in Albania.


Radio Mergimi was founded in 1998 by a group of Albanian journalists and activists who wanted to create a voice for the Albanian people after the collapse of communism and the Kosovo war. It has grown over the years and now has a network of correspondents, partners, and supporters in many countries.


Radio Mergimi offers a variety of programs, such as news, sports, music, culture, religion, and history. This is the radio for the fans of Albania’s best folk music. It covers music from classic folk melodies that evoke nostalgia to contemporary beats that ignite energy. The rhythm, style and melody of Albanian music is very uplifting. It broadcasts programs for listeners of all age group. Furthermore, it stands as a reminder that the power of music and culture knows no bounds.

Some of the most popular programs on Radio Mergimi include:

  • “Mëngjes Mergimi” (Good Morning Mergimi): A morning show that features news, interviews, and music.
  • “Pasdite Mergimi” (Afternoon Mergimi): A talk show that discusses current events and social issues.
  • “Natë Mergimi” (Night Mergimi): A music show that plays the latest Albanian hits.
  • “Dhoma Argëtuese” (Fun Room): A chat room where listeners can interact with each other and with the presenters.


Radio Mergimi’s presenters are a mix of experienced journalists, musicians, and entertainers. They are very friendly and joyful in nature. They keep listeners hooked with the radio for hours with their charming and engaging presentation.



Language: Shqip

Contact Number: +33 970 445 400

PlayStore: radiomergimi

Radio Mergimi