Radio Dashuria is a prominent online radio station for Albanian radio listeners across the globe. It’s broadcasting from The United States.

History of Radio Dashuria:

In 2002, a group of passionate Albanian music lovers founded the radio in New York City to share their culture and heritage globally. Deeply rooted in Albania’s history, this radio station has consistently provided entertainment and information to its listeners. Its diverse range of programs caters to genres appealing to a wide audience. This is one of the oldest and most popular online radio stations in Albania. It has gained acclaim for its captivating content and engaging broadcasts.


The primary focus of Radio Dashuria is to foster a sense of connection and unity among its listeners. It achieves this by delivering content that promotes music, entertainment and culture of Albania.

Its motto is “Distanca Daris”, which in Albanian means “Distance is Love”.


Radio Dashuria is a radio for young adult radio that broadcasts a mix of Albanian and international music, including adult contemporary, top 40 pop, and rock. It covers various genres, offers news, podcasts, shows, contests, and events, and promotes Albanian music and culture. The station connects and entertains its audience, showcases Albanian artists, and provides information and education for those living abroad. It’s a great radio, especially for those living abroad and wanting to stay connected with their roots. It has over 1.5 million listeners per month, from over 100 countries.


Radio Dashuria’s passionate presenters skillfully guide audiences through diverse shows, catering to different tastes and preferences, adding a charm to their broadcasts.

Radio Dashuria, an Albanian radio station, offers entertainment and informative programming, focusing on its vision and mission, and featuring exceptional presenters, shaping the Albanian radio landscape. It is a community of Albanian music and culture lovers who share a common bond and passion.



Twitter: @dashuria_radio

Language: Albanian

Contact Number: +1-646-872-6905

PlayStore: DashuriaRadio

Radio Dashuria