Radio Marimanga, The Vibrant Online Radio From Albania.

Radio Marimanga is a popular online radio station broadcasting 24/7 from Albania. It’s the voice and the hub of entertainment for Albanian radio listeners worldwide.


It’s the radio that sticks you with its engaging and entertaining programs meant to entertain and provide valuable information with a friendly voice for Albanian listeners and community. All of its programs are loved by radio listeners from all the regions of Albania. Listeners of all age group are welcome to enjoy its classy programs on news, music, entertainment, information, community and more. As the radio is aired from Denmark for the Albanians in Denmark, Albania and worldwide. It was founded by a group of Albanians who wanted to create a way for Albanians in Denmark to stay connected to their culture and heritage.

The station’s name, “Radio Marimanga,” means “Radio of the Butterflies.” It is a reflection of the station’s mission to be a source of hope and inspiration for the Albanian community in Denmark. Radio Marimanga broadcasts a variety of programming, including folk music, pop music, news, and talk shows. It also has a special program called “E Diela Shqiptare” (The Albanian Sunday Program) which features traditional Albanian music and dance.

It also aims to be a source of news and information for Albanians in Denmark.


Radio Marimanga is on a mission to deliver quality content that both informs and entertains. Through its programming, it aims to uplift, educate, and empower individuals, while preserving and celebrating the richness of local traditions and stories.

Radio Marimanga also has a strong social media presence, where it interacts with its fans and followers. It also respects listeners feedback and tries to reflect their opinions through its programs.



FaceBook: radiomarimanga

Language: Shqip

Contact Number: +00336 588 038 53

PlayStore: RadioMarimanga

AppStore: MarimangaRadio

Radio Marimanga