Radio Dardania: A Melodious Journey Through Time.

Radio Dardania is a web radio station that broadcasts Albanian music and culture to the world. It offers a variety of programs on music and Albanian culture. In addition to a web radio, Dardania also offers chat with webcams well as national, international and music news. The radio likes to offer Albanian people living in foreign countries a bit of virtual home.


Radio Dardania began in 2004 as a web radio, which can be heard worldwide via the Internet and plays exclusively Albanian music. The reason behind its creation was to provide a premier radio station based on Albanian music and culture for Albanian’s at home and abroad. The station has transformed from a modest radio endeavor to a powerhouse of music, entertainment, and cultural hub for Albanian radio listeners. It is listened by people of all age groups.


Radio Dardania broadcasts a variety of popular radio programs, including music, entertainment, news, talk and cultural programming. It also has a number of special programs for children and youth. The station’s vision is to be “the leading voice of Albanian music, culture and identity”. Its mission is to “promote Albanian culture and heritage through radio broadcasting”. Furthermore, its aim is to provide quality content that meets the needs and interests of the Albanian diaspora, as well as to foster a sense of community and belonging among its listeners. The station takes pride in its ability to cater to varying tastes, ensuring there’s something for everyone in its vibrant programming lineup.


Radio Dardania has a team of professional and passionate presenters. They make the live shows of the radio engaging and entertaining. Its presenters play a big part in keeping its listeners engaged with the radio’s programs for hours. They are very friendly, cheerful and charming in their interaction. Listeners can interact with them through phone calls, messages, and social media.

Some of the presenters are:

  • Ermal Fejzullahu
  • Buta
  • RapSione

In summary, Radio Dardania has a rich history, offers a wide range of programs, aims to provide quality content, and boasts a team of talented presenters.



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Radio Dardania
Radio Dardania
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