Radio Liria, A Popular Radio In Albania’s Radio Landscape.

Radio LIRIA is an online radio station focuses on Albanian radio listeners as well listeners from around the globe.  Its programming features a wide variety of Albanian music, music including traditional folk songs to modern pop.


The radio was established in 2016 by Haxhi Muhaxheri. He is a poet and journalist living in Austria. His main goal in creating this radio is to celebrate Albanian culture, tradition, literature, sports, and emigration.


Radio LIRIA plays all the popular music by Albania’s top musicians and singers.  It plays music from all genres and eras. The station also broadcasts a variety of international music, including hits from the United States, Europe, and the Middle East. It also strives to preserve and celebrate the Albanian heritage, traditions, and values. Furthermore, the radio also broadcasts programs for children’s too. The station offers a diverse range of programs that highlight the nation’s rich heritage.

Some of its popular programs include –

  • Mirëmëngjes Atdhe – Good Morning Homeland,
  • Zëri i Arbërit – The Voice of Arberia,
  • Kultura dhe Tradita – Culture and Tradition,
  • Letërsia Shqiptare – Albanian Literature,
  • Sporti Shqiptar – Albanian Sport,
  • Emigracioni Shqiptar – Albanian Emigration.


This is home to a dedicated team of skilled and enthusiastic DJs like Haxhi Muhaxheri, Mehmet Rrema, Imri Trena, Gjergj Elezi, Oso Kuka, Tim David, Cameron Green, and Adam Zampa. Listeners love their friendly and joyful presentation of Radio LIRIA’s entertaining, engaging and informative programs.

Radio LIRIA has built a substantial and devoted audience of Albanians worldwide. Its content quality and variety have earned positive feedback and admiration from listeners. Moreover, the station actively supports the Albanian community by arranging cultural events and initiatives.



FaceBook: RadioLIRIA

Language: Shqip

Contact Number: +43 664 7544 6000

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